General Automotive Repairs & Services

Service/General Vehicle Repairs & Services

We Offer A Range Of Services For All Makes And Models In Aldergrove, Bc


Oil Change and Maintenance

Our dedicated team of experienced technicians can provide you with oil change services and other general maintenance to keep your vehicle running in optimal condition.


Tires & Alignments

The tires and alignment of your vehicle are crucial for overall performance, safety, and fuel efficiency. We offer a wide range of tire repair and replacement, along with custom wheel options.


Engine Repairs

We offer repair and rebuilding services on all gas and diesel engines.


Brakes, Steering, and Suspension

We service and repair all components relating to your brakes, steering, and suspension. This ensures that your vehicle is safe to be on the road.


Heating & Air Conditioning

Damaged condensers, or clogged expansion valves? Offering a range of cooling and heating services, our team of experienced technicians can help you keep the right temperature in your vehicle.


Inspections & Diagnostics

Our inspection and diagnostic techniques have been refined over time, and we use cutting-edge diagnostic technology to perform inspections. We offer a range of diagnostic services on all vehicle systems.


Electric/Hybrid Vehicles

We understand that owning an electric or hybrid vehicle comes with unique requirements, and our dedicated services are designed to meet all your needs. Our team of skilled technicians is here to ensure that your eco-friendly vehicle performs at its best while providing you with a seamless ownership experience.



We are happy to offer our customers various detailing services for an added charge, including interior/exterior cleaning, paint correction, and ceramic coating.